THAT girl...

be yourself...
everyone else are already taken.

ok.. so it finally happened.. the thing i was waiting for and it SUCKED.

it hurts.. all the time.. i tried getting used to it.. it’s impossible. its so big.

it just hurts. and he has NO idea what he’s doing.. really its horrible. he becomes so unsexy he’s just on top of me breathing and just..trying..and it’s not working… im not turned on AT ALL and i don’t know what to do i mean i can’t tell him that he’s just not working for me..

what am i supposed to do …stay with him and suffer during sex ?

i can’t break up with him because the sex is bad…right ?

it’s so frustrating… he broke up with his gf for me..and we’re only together for about umm 4 months.. it’s not very long is it ok to break up with him under these circumstances ?

i don’t know what to do.FUCK.         

I’m fine. Like really really fine. I’m kind of happy i think and it scares the shit out of me. I mean..what if i get comfortable on this happy thingy and all of the sudden something goes wrong and it will crush me.. I’m just really ….scared I guesse… what if he leaves me? I won’t be able to handle it.. i just love him.. more than i should..

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He picked me up on the kitchen counter by my thighs and kissed me..he touched my breasts and eventually got up to my face.. hair.. I was so horney.. he pulled my shirt up and took it off me..he took his off to..he opened my bra with one hand so quickly I didn’t even noticed it until he pulled it off me.
He grabbed my pants and pulled them down hard he looked at me..naked me.. and didn’t say a word..just looked at me.
I got of the counter and walked up to him..I was trying to kiss him but he didn’t let me..he held me away from him..then got close to me pushed me against the counter and whispers in my ear..”did I say you can get off that counter?” I look at him..didn’t say a word… he look into my eyes..the counter’s pushing me from one side and his dick his pressed against me from the was so hard.. in that silence he got close to my lips..almost a kiss..our lips are just touching and then he grabbed my ass and picked me back up on that counter..we’re still not kissing but I can taste his breathe.. he moves his hands from my ankles up to my hips.. my breasts. ..then he takes my hands and hold them up against the hard it heart.. I liked it.. then knowing I can’t move or do anything..he got even closer to my lips.. I tryed to kiss his lips but the minute I pushed my lips against his he pulled his head back..just a little bit back..but enough to keep his lips away from mine..I..with no ability to move at all locked at his eyes..he stared into mine..he locked at my body..from the bottom to the top while biting his lips.. then very suddenly he grabbed me off the counter and kiss me like an animal.. he’s standing there..I’m hanging on him just hoping he won’t drop me..but I knew he wouldn’t.. I could feel his hands grabbing me so thigh I felt safe in his arms..

He was wild,he was manly, he was so manly.. and I liked it.



I  want you to fuck me .

I’m fucking HOT.

i need sex. it stops me from being crazy. 

I really need it, it just feels so god damn good.

I’m like one of the only girls who love sex as much as guys do.

SERIOUSLY I would choose sex over EVERYTHING.

but here I am with the guy who’s too nervous or what ever that in the second he’s about to go in IT’S NOT HARD ANYMORE.

WTF dude, handjobs, blowjobs, anything works but the minute it comes to actual sex that’s it ?!

I’m getting really frustrated over here and I don’t know how I can stay in a relationship that has literally like ZERO sex.




Ok so we’re finally together !

i can’t be happier, this is the best thing ever. 

he’s awesome and he loves me and we have so much fun together. it’s perfect.

i never thought i’ll say it but I’m fucking in love.

Give me your attention , i really need it.. 

it just felt so good to get drunk massages from you last night.. 

come on i know you want me and you know i want you , we fucking talk about it ! you even told me the only reason you got back with your girlfriend is that you didn’t wanna be alone when i said no.. well im saying yes .. so break up with her already.. 

i mean we always have fun together. we make each other laugh and we can be serious when we want to. we already spend like every day together and even if we don’t we text all day long, we’re basically a couple without the physical things..

i just really kinda sorta maybe like you alot more then originally planned.